This European start-up turns website visitors into job applicants.
This European start-up turns website visitors into job applicants.

This European start-up turns website visitors into job applicants.

According to a recent study, less than 9% of visitors on career sites become applicants. At the same time, more than 70% are not actively looking for a job, but even 90% of them is open for new job opportunities. During such a difficult times, what is the best way for employers to reach out to new candidates? How can recruiters improve their efficiency and candidates’ experience without drastically increasing their costs?

Founders of Emplocity, a European HR Tech start-up, were asking themselves exactly the same questions. The answer to these questions turned out to be a platform which - supported by a chatbot - automatically collects, analyzes and matches candidates’ profiles to job offers from across the Internet 24/7.

In a nutshell, you can assign the whole sourcing process to the machine.

- We believe, the future of recruitment lays in a human-AI collaboration - says company’s CEO, Chris Sobczak. - Our goal is to empower both employees and employers with AI technology which automates processes where machines can be more effective than people.

Emplocity’s is based on technology broadly defined as AI, specifically data science and natural language processing (NLP). Each day our algorithms analyze millions of job offers and job descriptions available online and match them with candidates who interacted with the chatbot on Messenger.

- By placing our chatbot on employer’s website, candidates have a chance to easily leave their initial interest, without uploading CVs or filling up forms - adds Arkadiusz Talun, Emplocity’s CTO. - Through this, we give candidates ease and convenience which leads to great visitor-to-applicant conversion rates.  

With this solution, Emplocity aims to achieve complete automation of the sourcing process and, as a result, provide powerful tool for recruiters, so they can focus on what they are the best at - hiring people.
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